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Si tratta del più ampio studio mai realizzato prima in Italia per la valutazione dell’utilità di telefoni cellulari di ultima generazione, associati ad app dedicate alla promozione di stili di vita sani e attivi negli over 55. È diretto ai cittadini pugliesi che abbiano compiuto i 55 anni di età e siano residenti da almeno un anno in un comune delle provincie di Taranto, Lecce e Barletta-Andria-Trani.

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MultiMed Engineers contributed to the Privacy Symposium Conference 2022 by giving two speeches:

  • The first one in the frame of the satellite Workshop on Health Data Protection and Compliance (session on Making Data Trustable, Interoperable and Reusable) titled “Artificial Intelligence based pipelines for reusability of health data — The case of the GATEKEEPER Project”
  • The second one in the frame of the session on Data Services and Platforms for Health Data Space, titled “Data sharing in a regional-scale experiment in the frame of a collaborative project — The case of Puglia Pilot in the GATEKEEPER Project”


Towards a digital human “behaviorome”

MultiMed Engineers carried out research activities aimed to investigate the application of Data Analytics technology to the capture, analysis and interpretation of human behavior as a determinant of health. The expectation is that such effort would conduct to the definition of a digital human behaviorome that could greatly improve clinical research, by providing more informative features on people health conditions, linked to a modifiable determinant that can be used for improving health policies.

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HTA for oncology prognostic models

Cattura2MultiMed Engineers further applied its expertise in conducting HTA studies with the MAFEIP Tool, addressing the oncology domain. The health and economic effects of using the BD2Decide prognostic models in comparison with usual TNM staging, have been evaluated on the basis of the Project’s dataset, which includes several hundreds of Head & Neck Cancer cases. Four treatment escalation and de-escalation scenarios have been analysed.

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HTA shows City4Age approach as viable


Figure 3.

MultiMed Engineers conducted a Health Technology Assessment for evaluating the frailty prevention scheme based on the City4Age Project’s early detection system. The results show that City4Age dominates the current standard of care from the Healthcare point of view, and exhibits a very cost-effective ICER of 3,380 €/QALY from the Societal perspective, allowing to conclude that the City4Age approach is viable.

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Detecting frailty through smart-city datasets


Thanks to the availablity of experimental datasets from the City4Age Athens PilotMultiMed Engineers investigated how Machine Learning algorithms can be leveraged to early detect frailty onset in aging citizens, living in smart-cities.

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Chat-bot development


MultiMed Engineers is experimenting the application of chat-bot technology to several business cases, including a NLP-based query language for a CRM database, and a conversational application to support a business-to-business “classifieds” system.

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City4Age frailty and MCI risk model


MultiMed Engineers, with the support of Università di Pavia (Department of Internal Medicine and Therapeutics), has drafted the first version of the City4Age frailty and MCI risk model.  This document, which is a public deliverable of the City4Age Project (D2.1), presents the selection of geriatrics indicators that are currently being used to elaborate the behavioural markers for MCI and frailty, envisaged by the Project.

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GATEKEEPER – COI Webinar Public Procurement of Innovation

Within GATEKEEPER – Governance for Procurement task, we are going to organice a co-creation workshop with the aim of building the Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) of the GATEKEEPER services and solutions. This workshop is open to all the members of the COI community with special interest in PPIs. During this workshop, we will cover the different points:1. Discussion on how to address key pain points in the PPI process (Procurers and suppliers’ perspectives)2. Brainstorming: Definition of the ideal PPI for the GK services and solutions3. What GATEKEEPER can bring to PPI?

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“Aging and Workability: Engaging older workers in the era of digitalization” by Ageing@Work | Ageing @ Work


We are glad to invite you to the AGEING@WORK hybrid workshop ‘ “Aging and Workability: Engaging older workers in the era of digitalization” that will be organized on Wednesday, May 25th, from 9-11 CET, hosted by the ARIDOS VI Congreso National OVIEDO 2022 at Oviedo, Spain, and broadcasted online at the same time.The workshop is aimed at presenting the Ageing@Work approach and

Source: “Aging and Workability: Engaging older workers in the era of digitalization” by Ageing@Work | Ageing @ Work

Ageing@Work 6th Newsletter issue

Despite the challenges by the COVID-19 restrictions in European workplaces, the Ageing@Work final system has been integrated and is now being deployed in pilot sites in Spain and Germany.

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