About our expertise, services and activities

MultiMed Engineers is a research oriented SME that studies the application of modern digital technologies in knowledge intensive sectors, with a special focus on the biomedical field.

Our strength is based on the diverse skills and expertise offered by a multidisciplinary pool of professionals that compose the core partnership of the Company.

Although we can confidently address multiple technology domains, the following areas are those where hands‑on expertise and a proven track record make our Company a particularly reliable choice:

  • Passive (unobtrusive) collection of personal data through emerging technologies available in “smart environments” (e.g. IoT devices; smart-cities; open data; privately controlled datasets, accessible as per GDPR art. 20) and usage of such data for the reconstruction of users’ conducts and health/wellbeing status
  • Application of data analytics approaches to investigate the associations among digitally measurable health-related features and health outcomes (“digital phenotyping”). This includes, as a special case, the association among behavioral features and health/wellbeing endpoints (“digital human behaviorome”)
  • Usage of emerging digital coaching technologies (e.g. mHealth apps, NLP, voice/text activated chatbots, etc.) to “democratize” behavioural interventions for self-management of health and wellbeing

The Company operates along four major lines of business:

  • Applied research and innovation projects. This includes the conduction of sectoral and problem-solving analyses, particularly those that require bridging the gap between technical knowledge, as provided by scientists, engineers and technologists, and domain knowledge, as possessed by organizations’ specialists (e.g. “analytics translator” role).
  • Strategy and planning studies, to identify critical needs in terms of high‑tech adoption and outline related research and innovation programs – including the definition of research objectives, the identification of solution concepts, the selection of the best methodological and operational approaches, the formulation of relevant work plans.
  • Impact assessment studies, to forecast and quantitatively estimate the potential value of research and innovation endeavours. In particular, MultiMed Engineers has developed relevant expertise in conducting Health Technology Assessment studies through MAFEIP, a framework based on the Decision Analytic Modelling approach, driven by Markov Models. Past experience includes the application of MAFEIP in the domains of active and healthy aging and oncology decision making (see below).
  • Technology evaluation studies. Often an ancillary part of the above actions, it encompasses the development of “exploratory prototypes” with the intent to early assess the potential of relevant technology stacks in solving specific research and development problems, ultimately mitigating technology risks. Our partnership’s past experience includes the usage of: Java EE platform with JPA database tier and JavaServerFaces presentation tier, for packaged business solutions; PHP with MySQL, for controlling PHP-powered platforms, such as Magento (e‑commerce), WordPress (content management), and Moodle (e-learning); Ruby on Rails platform, with PostgreSQL, Sass, Haml, and Cucumber and RSpec BDD/TDD tools, for “thin-client” web applications development; Node.js platform with MongoDB, AngularJS and Jasmine TDD, for “thick-client”, JSON server-based web application development; Python-based Flask web application framework with MongoDB and Behave BDD, for leveraging data analytics libraries; Android SDK, to investigate the potential of mobile data collection; Java-based Weka and Python-based Keras and PyTorch toolkits for conduction of machine learning, deep learning and reinforcement learning experiments; Wit.ai platform to experiment with NLP-based chatbots.

Several past and current activities, described in other parts of this website, provide testimony to the capacities of the Company in the above areas. For example:

  • We participate in the conception and execution of complex research endeavors, conducted in cooperation with international partners in the context of the EU Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation, as described in the following pages (shortcuts in the left sidebar):
    • City4Age project, on the role of smart-cities in the early detection of typical conditions of aging (e.g. frailty and MCI) through behavior analysis and corresponding enactment of behavior change interventions for health risk mitigation
    • BD2Decide project, on the assessment of big-data based prognostic models to improve decision making in Head & Neck Cancer treatment
    • Aging@Work project, on technology-enabled adaptive environments for older workers, based on health monitoring, augmented and virtual reality systems for ergonomics assessment, inter-generation knowledge management, and behavioral interventions
    • GATEKEEPER project, on the deployment of large scale demonstrators for digital, early detection/intervention solutions to support the independent living of elderly populations
    • BD4QoL project, on artificial intelligence technologies (in particular, behavior recognition and affective traits detection) to improve the Quality of Life of Head & Neck Cancer survivors, after treatment
    • IDEA4RC project, on the conception and pilot deployment of a data ecosystem for rare cancer research, aligned with the EU data strategies embodied in the upcoming European Health Data Space (EHDS) regulation
  • Our expertise with HTA studies is exemplified with reference to the cost-effectiveness assessment, respectively, in the City4AgeBD2Decide and GATEKEEPER projects
  • Development of exploratory prototypes is discussed for NLP-based chatbot applications and for low-footprint digital phenotyping data collection apps
  • Investigation of machine learning models, including deep neural networks, is described with respect to frailty detection in the City4Age project and prediction of healthcare expenditure in the GATEKEEPER project

More information on our interests and curiosities can also be inferred by following our Technology updates, that we periodically select from reliable sources on the web and publish in the lower part of the home page (shortcuts in the right sidebar).

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