Digital Technologies

Digital technologies are pervasive and impact virtually every business, offering the chance to seize huge benefits in terms of costs reduction, better organization, improved customer relationships and, most importantly, new ways of doing business.

MultiMed Engineers Digital Technology Services can count on a pool of first-class professionals, with expertise and knowledge on different methodologies and platforms such as:

  • near-zero infrastructure development, an approach pursued by MultiMed Engineers, aiming at the design and development of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to assess the viability of a new concept (while at the same time bringing in new knowledge and insights) without the necessity of big upfront infrastructure investments. This allows to tackle industrial-scale projects using a spiral model, significantly reducing development risks. We achieve this objective by fully exploiting the opportunity provided by recent cloud computing developments as well as modern open source or pay-as-you-go platforms and APIs, available at near-zero cost
  • behavior driven development, particularly on the Ruby on Rails and AngularJS frameworks, with requirements elicitation based on User Stories and testing environment based on the Cucumber and Rspec tools. MultiMed Engineers’ methodology produces as much testing code as production code and ensures optimal delivery of defect-free software since the first release, dramatically reducing maintenance costs and increasing customer satisfaction
  • industry-strength, database intensive applications development, applying Java EE technology with Object Relational Mapping platform JPA, ensuring a smoother transition from customer-facing conceptual class diagrams to the DBMS repositories where data are stored. Java EE — a proven and solid open source technology, adopted by an extensive and vibrant development community — ensures lower costs, higher dependability, and virtually no lock-in risks
  • conventional web application development, based on the LAMP platform and the WordPress ecosystem, to ensure fast prototyping and lower costs

Acknowledging that it is not always easy to understand the full implications of a disruptive digital technology endeavor since its outset, we stake our competitiveness on the above tools and methods, that enable us to carefully commit resources along a cost‑effective learning path, where new insights are discovered along the way and fed back to the project, in order to continuously redirect it toward success.

This approach is especially productive for the kind of innovative, multidisciplinary, knowledge and technology intensive undertakings, that characterize our unique value proposition.