Underwater Exploration

We provide  consulting and system design in the area of underwater exploration, to private and public research entities, based on an innovative platform devised to manage and coordinate projects for scientific and technological research targeting different marine sciences.

Areas of intervention include:

  • Networking among operators and international cooperation;
  • Enabling scientific research projects on marine sciences;
  • Develop innovative information models, 3D HD interactive video / Virtual Museums applications;
  • Conducting and organizing search campaigns with HD equipment, Sonar Scanner, Multibeam, 3D Laser;
  • Identify opportunities for R&D alliances with domestic and foreign partners;

Support activities for underwater survey and exploration also include:

  • Innovation and scientific research in shallow water;
  • Support to private research institutions and public institutions on issues concerning geophysical survey, biological and archaeological research, efficiency and development of new tools and methods of investigation;
  • New models for cultural dissemination and conservation of the aquatic environment; Research and development of advanced technologies and new methods for communication, conservation and sustainable education of the aquatic environment, development of Virtual Museums and models for interactive video in 3DMax;
  • Creating a network of relevant actors in the underwater exploration field, to promote and coordinate research and training projects.